Vietnam (Street) Food


More than a dessert.
There are many different kinds of Chè. Sometimes it is like a milk shake with fruits. Other Chè is with beans and not so sweet.

In Saigon it is about 25 k. In Phú Yên Province it was only 5k.

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Phở bò

Soup with noddle and beef

Everyday food – simple and good! It is served with some salad, vegetables, chili and lemon that you can put in the soup before eating.

Usually Phở bò is about 30k.

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Nước Mía

Sugarcane juice

Fresh and sweet juice with ice. You can buy this everywhere in Vietnam, from District 1 in Saigon to the provinces.


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Trà Sữa

Fruit Salad with yoghurt


with Jackfruit, Mango, Dragonfruit, Pineapple, Melon, …

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The menu from a Restaurant in Saigon District 3.


1 Euro = 24 793 Vietnamese dong (May 25 2016)

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Bánh xèo

Pancake with seafood and meat

Usually served with ricepaper, salad, vegetables and sauce.

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Tàu Hủ

Similar to a Yoghurt with sugar and ginger, but is actually made of soya.

It is served warm in the morning and cold in the evening.

I paid 10k for a big one.

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Lau Hai San

Hot Pot

A soup with vegetables and a plate with seafood and beef. Is cooked on the table.

Hot Pot is usually for two people or more. Hot Pot for two was 90k.

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Chao êch

Frog with sauce and rice-soup.

They don’t use every part of the frog.

It is a bit more expensive, about 65k.

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Bún thịt nướng

Grilled Pork with noodle. It is very different in different locations.

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Bánh Canh Cua

Crab soup.

Rich soup with eggs, fish, shrimp, crab and noodle. The sausage-like thing on the second picture is actually some kind of bread-like thing.

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Bánh tráng cuốn

Rice Paper Rolls

25k – 40k

Rice paper with vegetables and meat, fish or seafood. Take what you like and roll it!

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